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NVN Design is all about breathing life in to ideas. Whether it be through graphic design, web design or photography, I’ll interpret your brief to create work that finds the perfect equilibrium between visual appeal and functionality.

That balance is something I am hyper aware of and so I create work that does more than “look pretty”. My designs are carefully-thought-out, drawing power from their relevance to the target market.

My experience lies mainly in graphic and web design, including over 3 years advertising agency experience. Prior to that, I attended The Open Window School of Visual Communication, leaving with a BA in Visual Communication Design. There, I also studied photography, a discipline that has remained one of my passions. My career has seen me work for brands from a wide range of industries, including but not limited to the motor vehicle, wedding, catering, culinary, spa, logistics, security, cellular, and hospitality industries. This has left me well-equipped to deal with almost all types of work and with a healthy appetite for new challenges.

– Nadine Van Niekerk